SoyGold Delivers Clean Power

SoyGold Biodiesel – the most trusted name in biofuels – offers dependability you must have with no engine retrofit. You burn SoyGold biodiesel that same way you use regular diesel but without all the noxious smoke. From a 2% to a 20% blend, SoyGold biodiesel gives you clean power from a renewable resource – soybeans – and the cost to you is the lowest it has ever been. It’s “green fuel” that lets you keep another kind of green in your pocket.

SoyGold biodiesel, made from American grown soybeans, is the country’s most popular renewable fuel. Available year round, SoyGold increases fuel lubricity, boosts cetane values and burns cleaner than traditional diesel fuels. SoyGold readily blends with diesel in any ratio from 2% and higher.

Learn more about AGP's SoyGold Biodiesel, a BQ-9000 Accredited Producer

BQ-9000 Accredited Producer Certificate for Algona, IA
Introduction to Biodiesel
Current State of Biodiesel
SoyGold Biodiesel MSDS
Lubricity of Biodiesel
SoyGold Biodiesel "Gold Standard" Specifications
BQ-9000 Accredited Producer Certificate for St. Joseph, MO
BQ-9000 Accredited Producer Certificate for Sgt. Bluff, IA
Winter Handling and Mixing Guidelines for Biodiesel



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